Well what a surprise, hundreds of similar sites, and I thought there was only 1. Well perhaps i just hadn't explored enough. i have spent an hour roaming, looking at endless variations on falling donimos, (can you believe how bad some of the photography is?} checking out music of the 50s and 60s, including endless vesrions of Johnny B Goode. I am going to try and embed a video clip, but before I do that - my editing issues with my blog and Zoho come into play here, let me tell you about my big YouTube moment. i was reading the biography of Leni Riefenstahl, photograher extraordinaire and one of Hitler's propaganda film makers. the book mentioned her film Triumph of the Will,possibly - according to the book - the greatest propaganda film ever made. trip to the video store I thought, no wait lets try YOUTUBE!!. Voila there it was in all its glory well over an hour. It really brought home to me the diversity and power of this type of social sharing tool.
OK here we go, adverts from the 60s, bad taste I know, but love the tune.

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