I have had a Facebook account for about a year, and I have a number of friends. My early thoughts were why am I sending them little meassages this way when I could email them. As I have Facebooked a bit more I am beginning to see how the network can be looked at in a different way, a community one can keep in touch with easily and simply, this does not seem to be a place for long philosophical thoughts. But I could keep my photos here, and if I went to the site every day I can see that it might become addictive. I am a member of the NSL group, which seems to not be very active, and I get the LIANZA conference stuff, which is useful. I vaguely keep in touch with a kindergarten friend who lives in Hawaii, and I guess without facebook he would just be a guilty thought, whereas a poke is at least contact.
Bebo is obviuosly for the teeny bopper crowd, I was interested in ACL's site, most of the postings were months old, does it get much, any use? MySpace is beyond me at this stage, but maybe, as a result of this exercise, I will go and create myself a virtual life as a vet or a garbageman - 2 early choices of career.
I have a way to go before I get a real grip on facebook, but I have started the journey!

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