Play week

Finally arrived, and before the (extended) deadline. What a truely awesome experience, I feel energised, excited and even knowledgable - at least somewhat. I have leant a heap and have some goals to achieve. The first is to list all the new sites I have joined, along with their passworsd and logins, not all believe it or not consistant. I want to get on with my home LibraryThing, create a wiki for the severally owned bach, the joint family Christmas, get a better grip on RSS feeds and sorted with Technorati, do a proper travel site with Rollyo, sort my photos, join del-ic-ious (something I am in the middle of doing but which has run into a registration issue) And that is in my personal life
For work I now see a wide web 2.0 vista, and with all the skill that now exists I think NSL is going to have a powerful presence in the virtual world, it is a matter of making the opportunities available for all our talent.

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NSL Learning 2.0 team said...

Congratulations on an interesting blog! You made some very thoughful remarks about the use of the technologies. Enjoyed reading your enthusiastic explorations.