I struggled with this a bit, I am finding that I need to consolidate all the things I have learned, so I spent some time revisiting RSS feeds and Bloglines. I explored the sites offered and found Podcastpickle the most interesting and easy to use. I then somehow got into a a spiral joining MediaFly, which I have done and to my surprise have added a BBC programme, From our Correspondent, and in future this is probably the way to go. But to get something I went to the BBC site and added their podcast documentary series to my Bloglines. Certainly current as I have heard some of them on 810 AM quite recently. I also searched in several sites for the podcast of my brother in law speaking to the British House of Lords about Arabic Television a year or so ago. No luck, maybe my searching is not up to scratch, or else the search engines do not mine very deeply. I am now inspired to set up my very small ipod i bought several months ago which is still sitting in its case.

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