I covered some of this in an earlier posting, but am still discovering more. Hunting around Googles book project made me realise how very North American centric this movement is at the moment. This is reinforced by the reply I received from Amazon about Kindle availability in NZ

Hello from Amazon.com.
Thank you for your expressed interest in purchasing a Kindle in New Zealand.
At this time, we are unable to offer the Amazon Kindle and associated digital content from the Kindle Store to our international customers due to import/export laws and other restrictions. Whispernet, which allows you to take advantage of Kindle's wireless features, is currently available only in the United States.
We value our international customers and hope to make content available in your location in the future. Please continue to check our website for additional information on supported locations. I'm sorry that I do not have more information at this time as to when it will be made available outside of the United States.

However one lives in hope. I also noticed that the wikipedia struggled with its ebook entry, pleading for some verification. It also talked about the ebook devices being able to be read in the dark because they are backlit - this to my knowledge is wrong.
I searched for Conan Doyle as my public domain literature, there are always lots of his works available where ever you look, and interesting enough to be able to read on a screen one would think. However, I have tried on both a PC screen and my PDA, and it is just too much effort to be worth it. An ebook on the other hand............

I am still interested in eNewspapers, choice of news paper, immediacy, lack of papre to get rid of, and the Kindle will provide this via wireless, but what a small screen. It would make reading newspapers a whole new experience. A picture of the yet to be named Plastic Logic reader, released last month and designed for newspaper reading has an A4 size screen, certainly a step in the right direction.
ebooks are not really about change, just print presened in a different format. Roll on the Kindle and the enewspaper.

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