Web 2.0 Awards

A bit like Rollyo with quality control. I skimmed a whole lot of sites. Read about Twitter, do I really want to know what somebody is doing every minute of the day, fine when you are young and have a new love in your life, but even that fades after a while. many of the names in the lists are old favourites, and some of the compilations are rather eclectic. However i will explore the travel one more and see if I can add stuff to my own Rollyo list. The article we were refered to talks about 17 companies writing Office applications and questions if this is really what we want. I must say I find it confusing enough to have 2 email addresses without having to decide whether to use word or someting else ( alraedy there is the dilemma of knowing about Zoho) Useful site to know about, did it add much to my knowledge, not yet, maybe later............

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