Maya in new dress August 2008

Final effort, a photo taken from an email, loaded onto me H drive and then uploaded to Flickr, seems to me to be the ultimate step, good to have been able to achieve 3 different photo posts from 3 different sources.

Of course there is the question about posting photos of family and friends in a oublic domain. I am not sure about this and may end up deleting this one. I'll see. I guess the best practice is to make family photos restricted to family and friends - gives a whole nes meaning to holiday snaps.`

temp library, temp Area Office and demolition of old bu (17)

OK so this is the next step, taking a photo from somewhere on one of the library drives - I 'm not quite sure how I found it, but no doubt I can explore that thought later.

This seemed to be pretty straight forward, although I will need to keep practicing so that I can remember all the steps.


IMG_2527 volubilis
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A great city near Fez in Morocco

Well here I am at exercise 3, thank goodness for catch up week. I have had 1 shot at setting up a Flickr account a couple of years ago, then forgot both the login and password - both written down this time. Being able to manage photos electronically like Flickr allows is something I have long wanted to do, so I have real incentive to get on with it. This photo of columns from the Roman City of Volubilis was taken from the Flickr collection, easy to find by searching the word Volubilis. The 1st photo I tried to blog would not allow me to, so there was 1 learning straight away. I also tried searching under ruins, the 1st photo up was a very perky green frog - do some people not understand what the word tag means? Sarah Roberts was a great help, as in invaluable getting me to this spot. My first blog post said 50 words a day would be a doddle - I retract that unresevedly.